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With shallow waters ideal for young kids, Balos is an important natural habitat, with rare flora and fauna protected as part of the Natura 2000 network. Among the marvellous animals living here are the Eleonorafalcon, and cormorants, who nest in the caves. This is also a habitat for the loggerhead sea turtle- better known as the beloved Caretta-Caretta, as well as the Mediterranean Monk Seal. Northwest of Balos is a stunning Gramvousa islet, connected to two small uninhabited islands off the coast of a peninsula at the far north-western tip of Crete. It has beautiful fine sand and pebbles with turquoise waters.


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    1 ST STOP

    Before Rethymno

    Before Rethymno, breakfast (around 20′).

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    2 ND STOP

    The town of Kastelli

    The town of Kastelli at the western end of Crete. fRom here boats depart to Gramvoussa island and the Balos lagoon.

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    3 RD STOP

    The Venetian Castle of Gramvoussa

    After about a 1hr boat trip we reach Gramvoussa, where we stop for around 1h30min to walk up to the castle on the hill for wonderful views.

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    4 TH STOP

    Balos lagoon

    After a 15′ boat trip across from Gramvoussa we reach the crystal clear waters of Balos and stay for about 2h30min. The boat’s canteen serves lunch between 12:00 and 17:00.

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    5 TH STOP

    A 20' stop

    A 20′ stop on the way back to the hotel.


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